Date: 6th March 2019

  1. The work and activities organised by the Student Council was acknowledged.
  2. Deputy Principal was acknowledged on all the hard work involved in the application for the ERASMUS+ program. A second application for Barcelona has been submitted.
  3. The students and teachers who were involved in the ERASMUS+ program to Vienna were thanked for their participation.
  4. Open evening will take place on Thursday 7th March at 7pm.
  5. Graduation will take place on Thursday 30th May at 7pm in Ballymote.
  6. Courses for 2019 – 2020 are now ‘live’.
  7. Two new courses in Equine Studies and Horsemanship (Level 5) and Horsemanship (Level 6) will commence in September 2019. There are also new developments in the Beauty Therapy course with new Diploma in Spa Treatments and Certificates in Microdermabrasion and Laser & IPL.
  8. VTOS attendance is 93% .



Date: 13th December 2018

  1. Condolences extended to the family of Kathleen Reilly on her recent passing.
  2. The Student Council were commended on various fundraising which they have undertaken – shoe-box appeal, 5km walk and raffle.
  3. The Student Council have identified a number of initiatives which have been commended – the North West Simon Community, fundraising for outdoor seating and tree planting.
  4. Compliments were extended on the high uptake of evening classes for the Autumn term. Enrolment for Spring term is ongoing with a steady uptake.
  5. The recent purchase of microdermabrasion machines and laser machines for the Beauty Therapy Department will enhance the selling power of the course as it responds to the advanced needs within the Beauty industry.
  6. VTOS attendance is 93%.



Date: 25th October 2018

  1. The Student Council members for 2018-2019 have been elected and the Council is up and running with a number of proposals in the pipeline.
  2. Compliments were extended to the high uptake of the Evening classes.
  3. Congratulations were extended to the College on the ERASMUS+ program which is well underway and there is keen interest by students in getting involved with the project. Compliments extended to Deirdre O’Connor for her hard work and co-ordinating the project.
  4. Horsemanship Level 5 and Level 6 have got the go ahead to be offered as courses at North Connaught College for 2019-2020.
  5. LEADER ran a very successful series of workshops called ‘Exploring new Opportunities’.
  6. Two policies were reviewed – Admissions Policy and Learner Attendance and Participation Policy.
  7. VTOS attendance is 85%.



Date: 14th June 2018

  1. A review of Course fees and price increases were examined and implemented by the Board.
  2. Congratulations were extended to the College on the recent successful Partnership Agreement for Access to Post-Primary Teaching (APT) Project 2018-2020 between St. Angela’s College and North Connaught College.
  3. A very successful Graduation ceremony occurred on Thursday 24th May in Ballymote.
  4. Positive feedback from the external verification examiners was acknowledged.
  5. Three policies were reviewed – Course fee Payment & Refund Policy, Induction for New Teacher’s, Policy Statement – Safety Health and Welfare at Work.
  6. VTOS attendance is 79%.



Date: 18th April 2018

  1. Welcome was extended to Sheila Lenehan, the Community Representative on the Board of Management.
  2. Evening classes – The majority of classes are completed for Spring 2018. Applications already been taken for Autumn 2018.
  3. A very successful ‘Into Employment Week’ took place in the College on the week commencing Monday 12th This was organised by the students from the Advanced Administration Course.
  4. A re-scheduled Open Evening was held in the College on Thursday 15th March from 3-6pm.
  5. Policies – Draft Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment procedures, Complaints Procedure and Critical Incident Management Plan were discussed and ratified by the Board.
  6. Graduation – The Graduation ceremony will take place on Thursday evening, the 24th May in the Coach House Hotel, Ballymote.
  7. VTOS attendance is 91%
  8. Congratulations were extended to the College on the recent successful Erasmus+ application and in particular to the hard work carried out by the Deputy Principal, Deirdre O’Connor.



Date: 8th March 2018

  1. Staffing – the new Principal was welcomed to the College. One member of staff continues to be on long term sick leave.
  2. A new community representative was welcomed onto the Board of Management.
  3. Congratulations extended to the Students’ Council on their recent work – Christmas Shoebox and Christmas Hamper appeals, marketing the college and promoting the Open afternoon.
  4. A successful Graduation Ceremony was held in the Clayton Hotel on the 9th
  5. The second round of evening classes are well under way and fully subscribed. There was even a waiting list. The courses are – Palliative care, Infection Prevention and Control, Health & Safety, Care Support, Intellectual Disability Studies, Work Experience, Photography, Beauty Therapy.
  6. The postponed Opening evening of the 1st March has been rescheduled for Thursday 14th March from 3-6pm.
  7. A Health Promotion programme of events was held in the College from the 5th -7th
  8. New surface pros were acquired for staff. Over midterm the two computer rooms were refurbished with PCs, and the college also received 20 dell laptops and mobile laptop trolly.
  9. Details of new Child Protection procedures were outlined and training is scheduled.
  10. VTOS attendance is 88%.



Date: 18th October 2017

  1. Staffing- one member of staff continues to be on long term sick leave and another is on  parental leave until the end of January.
  2. Enrolments are good and we have started 11 courses in the daytime and a further 4 in the evening with another 3 evening classes planned.
  3. Full time courses are all running now following a three day induction programme which settled all in to the college. New courses: level 5 in warehousing and distribution and level 6 in Health service management.  We also adapted the Health care level 5 to HSE guidelines and added infection prevention to the nursing programme.  Our theme for the year is “equality ” We will be focusing through the programmes and will also have special events on this theme.  Staff training taken place.
  4. Courses have been held in Manual Handling prior to students going on work placement in a variety of care homes locally. Sligo Leader partnership funded a session of “life skills” training for students who would find this useful in support of their course – topics covered include stress and as well as confidence building.
  5. A level 4 part time course will be running one morning a week under the BTEI scheme – will hope to provide stepping stone into full time course.  It is aimed primarily at those without second level education.
  6. There will be a further open day on 1st March.
  7. The building has been painted over the summer on the outside and room 2 re-furbished. The next work will be flat roof replacement.
  8. Graduation is on 9th November in the Clayton Hotel.
  9. VTOS attendance pre exams was 81%.



Date: 14th June 2017

  1. One member of staff continued to be on long term sick leave and another recently returned and she is expected to start parental leave in September until the end of January.  The majority of the consequent teaching hours not covered can be taught by existing staff.
  2. The building has had a complete survey by SEAI and a list of 10 priority actions has been received (circulated at the meeting). The works have started and the age of the building has been the limiting factor in making cost efficient savings on energy.  All efforts will continue and suggestions from members on solar panels for water and external cladding insulation will be followed up. Members were asked to be alert to other organisations in Tubbercurry who might be considering energy saving work with whom we could collaborate for any available grants.
  3. We had a successful day at the NW Careerfest in Sligo IT recently and this and other efforts have resulted in a steady flow of applications for September.
  4. Staff members reached the finals of the MSLETB Awards recently and congratulations were extended. Members asked to be informed of future awards events organised by MSLETB.
  5. Risk Assessment is being carried out in the college- a long term exercise on which we have made a start.
  6. Examinations are now finished and all results will have been sent out by the end of this week. Further interviews will take place this week and an open day will be held on 1 September.
  7. Work to network with local organisations and raise the profile of the college with local employers continues.
  8. VTOS attendance is 85 %



Date: 5th April 2017

  1. Our new “employers landing page” on our website was launched at our open evening and there was a good turnout for the event. We are still refining the site with our web designer Marie Brouder.
  2. We broadcast from the college for a morning when Ocean FM came and there was a great selection of students past and present as well as staff, music and singing. We try to keep the college in the public eye as often as possible- there have been pictures and articles in the Sligo champion twice in the last month and we have arranged flyers for the western drama event in Tubbercurry, as well as taking a stand at the NW Careers fest in Sligo IT in May.
  3. Work continues to network with local organisations and raise the profile of the college- South Sligo Tourism, the MSLETB marketing forum and the employers liaision action group. We will be nominating for the MSLETB awards- students who have designed web pages for their ebusiness course and also hopefully staff for their into employment week organisation.
  4. We are going to be concentrating on our risk assessment procedures after Easter- training and staff awareness has started. A talk on internet safety has taken place
  5. The building is going to be painted- 5 quotes have been invited
  6. We have 5 entries for the MSLETB awards web pages, a beauty therapy thesis and a staff committee that arranged the into employment week
  7. Evening class numbers continue to be very good and new classes are to start after Easter until the end of June
  8. VTOS attendance is 79%



Date: 16th February 2017

  1. The Board agreed to invite the local Chamber of Commerce to nominate a representative to the Board of the Management of the college.
  2. Patricia O’Reilly has taken on the adult education post and is running a programme of 4 different courses 2 nights a week. This is an area of the college that is growing and healthy. We still have our Assistant Principal on long term sick leave.
  3. Our “into Employment week” has been a great success with good number of both students and members of the public attending. We also had groups from the NLN attending. Feedback has been very good- of particular note where the sessions with local employers and the students took full advantage of being able to ask questions. As a follow up we are launching a new “employers landing page” on our website with the capacity to provide quick links and work experience placement requests and space for local job opportunities
  4. We have continued to meet with outside organisations on matters of joint interest- for example the NW Skills Forum who are collaborating with the  project on our  website; Skills for work who are going to place more courses at NCC in the evening; NW Response who help students with disabilities into and also  the NLN where progression from and to our courses could be built up.
  5. We will be nominating several projects for the MSLETB awards- including students who have designed web pages for their ebusiness course, a group who have started a multi cultural society in Tubbercurry and also hopefully staff for their into employment week organisation.
  6. The next open day is Thursday 2 March from 3-6. We are currently advertising this.
  7. VTOS attendance is 70 % due to 3 people who have been on long term maternity and illness. This figure will change as they are moved from the scheme in the near future.



Date: 15 December 2016

  1. New board members: Adrian Lyons (male teacher) and Ciara Keenan (female student) were welcomed after recent elections.
  2. Staffing- The new Adult education officer post has now been filled and congratulations were extended to Patricia O’Reilly who has been appointed.
  3. The graduation ran very well in November at the Clarion Hotel and congratulations were extended to all concerned.
  4. Our wellness week had a great variety of events and was well organised by a committee of staff and students. A well attended event was held in Cawley’s hotel on stress management which was open to the public too. Follow up sessions are planned.
  5. Students and staff attended the events for Tubbercurry Enterprise Town and also a womens’ networking event in Castle Dargan giving time to promote the college at weekends.
  6. A meeting had been held with the case officers from the DSP in Sligo and Leitrim to build up links and this went well; there is now a website where people are referred automatically which we received further training on too. A new flyer was produced with all on one page as was requested.
  7. Our theme for the year is “inclusion” and the south Sligo multicultural group which grew from a project in the community development class were nominated for an award with Sligo County Council. MSLETB awards have also just been announced and we will be nominating projects fro this too.
  8. The Christmas ecumenical service and live animals took place on the 13th December and donations of food and gifts were made to the SVP.
  9. VTOS attendance is 75%



Date: 20th April 2016

  1. The Board reviewed the various staff changes and events that had taken place since the last meeting.
  2. The open evening on 1st March went well- a sensory room was created by the level 6 childcare class which was most impressive. We are now focussed on marketing our courses and encouraging applications – a new  one page flyer was distributed
  3. An Easter egg hunt social event was organised by the Administration students before Easter and  participation in the proclamation day events was high and included students and staff from all courses.
  4. We took part in the North West Jobs fair on Good Friday
  5. Beauty therapy student Holly Noone was sponsored by the college to take part in the National Craft Championships in Tralee and was highly commended
  6. Speakers from Steiner cruises, Dermalogica, Enterprise Board have been in the college and certificates completed in door security and guarding skills by the security class
  7. Exams are starting on the 27th April and all are busy with end assignments
  8. The Jobs board is functional again where local jobs can be examined by students
  9. VTOS attendance is 80%
  10. Two policies have been reviewed by staff and were presented for the Board to consider :Disciplinary and Substance Misuse; both were agreed and will be sent to the ETB for ratification