North Connaught College are grateful to all of our past students who have taken the time to give the college a testimonial.

Niamh Oliver

Advanced Administration

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Eria Galorport

Health Services Supervisory Management

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Anthony Quigley

Nursing Studies

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Abokoe Ngulube

Early Learning & Care

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Ann Gorman

Health Service Skills

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Anne Maria Kennedy

Early Learning & Care

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Chira Deren

Beauty Therapy

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Damian Moran

Security Studies

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Danielle McCreadie

Beauty Therapy

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Joanne McCann

Early Learning & Care

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Justin Flannery

Health Service Skills

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Niamh Moran

Advanced Administration

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Sarah Richardson

Security Studies

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Transformative – my time at NCC allowed me to develop my skills, giving me the confidence to continue in my education.  I am now in my second year of an Accounting Technicians Diploma and upon graduation; I have the option of finding full time employment or entering the 3rd year of an Accounting Degree.   

As a mature student embarking on a career change the support and encouragement I received from the staff and other students at NCC, was instrumental in changing how I view myself and what I am capable of achieving.   

Saffron Gallagher – Student (2018–2020) eBusiness; advanced administration

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in NCC, making great friends whilst gaining a solid academic foundation in my journey towards Third Level. The teachers and support staff are really friendly, supportive, encouraging, and were with me every step of the way until I gained my qualification in Healthcare Level 5. The College has fantastic in-house services, career guidance, modern canteen, student support, etc. These services were of particular importance to mature students who were returning to education after some years out of the system. What I really enjoyed the most about the College was its attitude of letting ‘you be you’, both personally and academically. I look back on my year in NCC with nothing but fond memories, having met lifelong friends and having given me the confidence and skills to be best prepared for the next part of my journey into General Nursing”

Anthony Quigley – General Nursing, GMIT

North Connaught College Well to be honest, the thought of considering going back to education was for me a daunting task. But from the start, the initial process of meeting Laura at the interview for the security studies course, to the induction days in September, it just felt like a breath of fresh air. The Security studies class were in my view an excellent group. The ‘craic’ we had from day one, it’s something that made the whole process so much easier. The thought of doing projects was definitely not something I looked forward to and Laura I’d say was close to strangling me once or twice but we got there. Fast forward to May of this year and the interview at Ashford Castle. The job interview was held on the day of one of my exams, talk about stress. To get the exam done, get home put the suit on and up the road with a million different things going around in your head, was let’s just say, I was nervous. Thankfully all went well and the 13th June 2019 was my official start date at Ashford Castle Hotel. Six months on I’m still there and enjoying every minute of it and I’m looking forward to the future ahead on what that may bring. To everyone in the College especially the tutors Laura, Adrian and Patricia O, thank you so much for everything throughout my time in College. To James, the staff and the students of 2019/20 the very best of luck for the year and with whatever the future may bring.

Oliver Golden – Security Studies L5 2018-2019

North Connaught College made me realise my potentials after going there to upskill, having been out of education for some time. The staff and teachers are always giving you a helping hand whenever you need one. My year in NCC Tubbercurry flew by because the environment is comfortable for learning. My experience going on the ERASMUS+ programme opened my eyes to other peoples way of doing things and made me realise my capabilities also. I would say North Connaught College is the place to be. I loved every moment there.

Becky Fred Ameh – Health Service Supervisory Management Skills L6 2019